About Truemax

Hangzhou Truemax Machinery & Equipment Co., LTD was founded in 2003. Since its establishment,it has been specializing in designing,innovating and manufacturing block making machines.

In order to guarantee the quality of Truemax products and services,we always coordinate our technical designs,workmanship,project schemes and implementations with customers' actual needs. No matter you want an entire production line or a single component,Truemax offers a wide-ranging engineering solutions with high-guality products and services.

Based on the solid cooperation with all national organizations of block making equipment technology, Truemax has made a substantial progress in innovating products and improving qualities, that enables us to be a competent supplier in this industry

Block Making Machine
Block Patterns
Production Line
Concrete Batching & Mixing Plant Pigment Batching & Mixing Plant Block Making Machine Pigment Feeding Machine Elevator & Lowerator Block Handling Car Cuber Slat Conveyor Pallet Retrieving Conveyor Pallet Feeder
Product Applications
Roof Tile Making Machine