block making machine

block making machine

Detailed Description

Technically Superior of block making machine

1) Mandatory synchronous vibrating system continuously provides high vibrating forces

2) Twin motor drives with variable frequency controller and vibrating controller ensure the products solid and perfect

3) PLC control system and easy operation system touch screen parameters can be reset updated and amended to maximize the productivity automatic fault analyzing apparatus warning devices automatic interlock function are fitted out. Which prevent the production line from accident

4) Quick material feeding system Multi-shaft 360 degree rotary and mandatory feeding which greatly improves the density and intensity of the blocks as well as reduces the feeding time to gain efficiency.

5) Heavy duty machine frame which using high-intensity steel and advanced heat treatment guarantee the structure endurable .

According to different productivity requested by customers, We have developed Model TBM-3,TBM-4, TBM-8,TBM-9 TBM-12,TBM-15 Block Making Machine

Main Technical specification of TBM Block Making Machine

Model TBM-3 TBM-4 TBM-8 TBM-9 TBM-12 TBM-15
Productivity pcs/hours Hollow block (400*200*200mm) 3 4 8 9 12 15
Vibration Type Table vibration
Rating pressure 5-12 MPA 6-14 MPA
Vibration force 50-80KN 50-80KN 80-120KN 100-150KN 140-200KN 140-200KN
Block height (standard) 60-220 60-220 60-220 60-300 60-300 60-300
Gross Weight (TON) 3.9 6.5 8 14 16.5 18
Amount Power (kw) 19.95 28 46 75 91.5 103
Pallet size (mm) 680x535 930x560 930x860 1350x750 1400x900 1400x1150
Main dimension (LXWXH ) 1080X920X2000 2869X2180X2950 3750X2720X3063 3500X2100X3100 3880X2500X3850 4400X2950X3650

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