roof tile machine

roof tile machine

Detailed Description

Concrete roof tile machine

Technical Specification

Model QR-MY-128
Cycle time 6-8 pcs/mintute
Annual Capacity 900,000 pcs (8 hours/day )
Main tile Dimension (L*W) 424X337mm
Forming Process Compressive and sieve
Voltage 380v 50HZ (standard )
Power 18 kw
Overall size 3100x1600x2600
System Pressure 128T
Materials Rolled steel
Employee 4 Labors/group
Overall Color Blue
Packing Standard
Cross Weight 11,000kg
Cube Type 20 GP/SET

Raw Material

The concrete roof tile is made of sand and cement. The exact material vary somewhat with each manufactures but basically contain Portland cement, flyash sand and other aggregates

Production Process

1) Raw material be provided and be fed in concrete grind mixer by lift bucket

2) Feed paste concrete in constant mixer and proportion discharged into the tile down mold

3) The concrete is compressed and shaped inside the tile mold frame

4) Tile de-mold on the tope surface of steel pallet support the wet tile through the curing process

5) Concentrating wet tile conveyor inside curing chamber, the condition inside the curing chamber are controlled to provide a temperature of 30-55 ℃,and a relative humidity of 95( for 24 hour curing ).Once cured the tiles are separated from pallet support and taken to storage area

6) Final tile color coated by pneumatic painting spray before they are dispatched to their final destination

End products



The concrete roof tile has proved to be the most popular form of roofing currently used in the building industry throughout the world. The durability price, strength and the consistent appearance of the tile has made it popular among home owners and architects Architects specity the concrete tile of shapes and colors available .The concrete roof tiles provide a high quality and low cost solution to beautiful house building .

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